Coveo Get Authentication key

In our pervious blog we were passing the authorization key in the header of the POST method for the authorization. This blog is a help guide to generate the API key from the Coveo Cloud Plateform. Here are the steps – 1. login into the It will show you the following UI, where in […]

Coveo REST Search API Using Post Method

Coveo Rest API is a simple REST interface for invoking, exposing and manipulating the search based on the different filtering and search criteria. Coveo provide both cloud and on-permises indexing Where Coveo cluod customer can accessed the REST API throught Coveo Cloud Plateform. But for on-permise indexing, we need to deploy the Search API locally. […]

Resolve XHTML markup is incorrect near placeholder “header” Error, only for “header” key

Lets start with our problem, We were facing a weird issue in experience editor, where we are getting following error – XHTML markup is incorrect near placeholder “header”. For more information about this issue refer to Sitecore Knowledge base article I know this error message shows when there some XHTML validation problem. But In […]

Send Email with Sitecore MainUtil class

In my previous blog we were sending email by using SMTP client and reading Parameter from WFFFM actions parameter field. Sitecore also provides a MailUtil class for sending the email by calling SendMail function. SendMail required System.Net.Mail.MailMessage type for parameter. Please use System.Net.Mail not System.Web.Mail and also we need to update sitecore.config file for SMTP […]