Sitecore Select Media Dialog Buttons are not working properly? Here is Solution


Our team upgraded one of project to Sitecore version 8.2. During testing phase a bug was logged saying that when click on “browse” button of image field “Select Media” speak dialog box opens, but buttons in the left  –

  • All image files
  • All video files
  • My images
  • Recently uploaded images
  • Recently uploaded video
  • Recently uploaded by me

were not working properly and not showing anything.

It was a big issue –


Well Sitecore use different index configuration for the Speak content search. There are three config files for the speak content search according to the search provider –

  1. For Azure – Sitecore.Speak.ContentSearch.Azure.config.disabled
  2. For Lucene – Sitecore.Speak.ContentSearch.Lucene.config
  3. For Solr – Sitecore.Speak.ContentSearch.Solr.config.example

by default it will be enable for the lucene but in our case we were using Solr and we missed to enable the “Sitecore.Speak.ContentSearch.Solr.config” file. that was the cause of the problem.



That’s it.




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