Coveo Get Authentication key

In our pervious blog we were passing the authorization key in the header of the POST method for the authorization. This blog is a help guide to generate the API key from the Coveo Cloud Plateform. Here are the steps –

1. login into the It will show you the following UI, where in left side you will have search, analytics, and organization menus




2  – Click on the API key menu under in the organization menu (it could be second last link). It will open a page where you can see existing API key’s Name, description, status, creation date and author of the key but you can’t see the actual key in this list.



3 – Now click on the add key button on top right section of the api key page, it will open a pop up which will ask you about the configuration of the key such as Name, description, allowed and denied IPs if any.



You can also add the view, edit, enable privileges for the different search, analytics and organization services


in the privilges please make sure to enable execute queries in search configuration seaction.


4 – After adding the configuration information click on the Add button at bottom right section of the page. It will open a dialog containing the API key



5 – Please make sure to copy the API key before closing the dialog, you will not able to see it again. this API key is your authorization key for the REST API authorization.



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