Content Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

Content Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

While using sitecore content editor mode developer/content editor can also use keyboard shortcuts. Here is a list of content editor shortcut keys –

Alt+F1  Shows or hides keyboard shortcuts for the current tab
Ctrl+S  Saves the current item
Ctrl+D   Duplicates the current item
F2  Renames the current item
F7   Subscribes to an RSS feed about the current item
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Up Arrow Moves the current item after its previous sibling in the  sort order
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Down Arrow   Moves the current item after its next sibling in the sort order
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L  Protects (makes read-only) or unprotects the current item
Ctrl+Shift+Home  Navigates to the home item
Left Arrow   Collapses the branch
Right Arrow  Expands the branch
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R   Shows or hides raw fi eld values
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T   Shows or hides fi elds from the standard template
Alt+H   Selects the Home tab
Alt+N  Selects the Navigate tab
Alt+R   Selects the Review tab
Alt+P   Selects the Publish tab
Alt+V   Selects the Versions tab
Alt+C   Selects the Confi gure tab
Alt+E   Selects the Presentation tab
Alt+S   Selects the Security tab
Alt+I   Selects the View tab

I hope this information will useful for lots of Sitecore chunks.

Cheers and thanks.