Sitecore Path Analyzer: Object reference error after Upgrade

The Path Analyzer is a sitecore application that enables you to create a map that shows the sequential paths, contacts take as they navigate through your website.
We have upgraded Sitecore project from Sitecore 7.2 (rev 140526) to Sitecore 8.1 (update-1). After upgrading we face some problem in path analyzer. As we click on path analyzer in the launchpad, it was throwing error says “object refrence is not set to an instance of an object”. This is very comman error and most of time its due to system null refrence exception.

Now it was time to investigate the problem, Source error said that there some value is null in MapSelector.cshtml file – “sitecore\shell\Application\PathAnalyzer\Common\Layouts\Renderings\MapSelector.cshtml”.

helper.MakeTreeDefinition(“TreeDefinitionFilter”, fieldWrapper, selectedTreeDefinitionId.ToString(), mapRootId.ToString());


I have tried to compare, config files and Sitecore files but everything was same as fresh instance of Sitecore. Then I tried by replacing the connection string into fresh Sitecore instance, which clear me that error was in core database. I compare the PathAnalyzer section (sitecore/client/Applications/PathAnalyzer) in Sitecore with fresh Sitecore core database. After giving some time to comparing database I reached to the main cause of the problem.

Solution – DefaultMapRoot field was empty in _Standad Value of MapSelector Parameters.

sitecore/client/Applications/PathAnalyzer/Common/Layouts/Renderings/MapSelector/MapSelector Parameters/__Standard Values

We just need to add the Id of Map root item for Path Analyzer, which present in master database.

/sitecore/system/Marketing Control Panel/Path Analyzer/Maps


pathanalyzer field.png

And that’s it.

Its works for us and problem resolve.

Thanks and cheers!



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