Sitecore: Create your own simulator

Sitecore: Create your own simulator

In Sitecore preview mode we can preview our page before pushing it to production. Sitecore provide many type of simulator to simulate the page and to make sure how it will look into the real device.

Main simulator which are present in Sitecore are –

  • Android phone
  • Android Tablet
  • Android Phablet
  • Blackberry
  • Feature Phone
  • HD TV
  • IPad
  • IPhone
  • Windows Phone

But what about if your client request you to see web page in any other simulator? Well, we can create our own simulator in Sitecore by following some easy steps.

I am taking an example for 4K HD TV which have resolution of 3840×2160 in my case.

  1. Create new simulator item – creating simulator is as easy as creating Sitecore item.
  • Login into Sitecore content editor
  • Create simulator item under -/sitecore/layout/Simulators, by right clicking and selecting simulator template(/sitecore/templates/System/Layout/Preview Simulators/Simulator) form the insert option
  • You can provide simulator and icon to the newly create item, for my example I gave name “4K HD TV” and provided an icon.


2. Fill the fields in simulator item – next step is to fill the field in the new simulator item but lets discuss about the field which are in use.

User agent – This field is under Data section and used to provide browser user agent string. With the help of user agent you can specify which browser you want to use in simulator. You can download user agent string from following url –

In my example I am using user agent string of “Chrome 41.0.2228.0”

“Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/41.0.2228.0 Safari/537.36”

Background Image – background image is basically your simulator device image, where you have to careful about the resolution of screen. It should be accurate, here I needed to do some Photoshop because I was not lucky to find on google.


Screen Width – width of simulator device screen

Screen Height – Height of simulator device screen


Screen Offset – (Left, Top) – it’s used to provide the Left and top position of the simulator device screen. For example screen of simulator device start from 100px left and 80px top the 100, 80 is the screen offset of the simulator.


Scale – Scale value of simulator or in other word zoom level of simulator. It is a droplist field where Sitecore provide three scale level 50, 75, 100 but you can create your own scale level by creating node item under /sitecore/system/Settings/Simulators/Scale Values, item name will be the value of scale level

After filling all above field we are done.

There are some other options are also available such as “No flash support”, “No Silverlight support”, “simulator rotate state” etc. you just need to create sub item under the simulator item for providing these options. For simulator rotate state you can specify the same fields which we have filled for our simulator.

You just need to test your simulator by previewing your page.


Thanks and cheers

Sitecore Path Analyzer: Object reference error after Upgrade

Sitecore Path Analyzer: Object reference error after Upgrade

The Path Analyzer is a sitecore application that enables you to create a map that shows the sequential paths, contacts take as they navigate through your website.
We have upgraded Sitecore project from Sitecore 7.2 (rev 140526) to Sitecore 8.1 (update-1). After upgrading we face some problem in path analyzer. As we click on path analyzer in the launchpad, it was throwing error says “object refrence is not set to an instance of an object”. This is very comman error and most of time its due to system null refrence exception.

Now it was time to investigate the problem, Source error said that there some value is null in MapSelector.cshtml file – “sitecore\shell\Application\PathAnalyzer\Common\Layouts\Renderings\MapSelector.cshtml”.

helper.MakeTreeDefinition(“TreeDefinitionFilter”, fieldWrapper, selectedTreeDefinitionId.ToString(), mapRootId.ToString());


I have tried to compare, config files and Sitecore files but everything was same as fresh instance of Sitecore. Then I tried by replacing the connection string into fresh Sitecore instance, which clear me that error was in core database. I compare the PathAnalyzer section (sitecore/client/Applications/PathAnalyzer) in Sitecore with fresh Sitecore core database. After giving some time to comparing database I reached to the main cause of the problem.

Solution – DefaultMapRoot field was empty in _Standad Value of MapSelector Parameters.

sitecore/client/Applications/PathAnalyzer/Common/Layouts/Renderings/MapSelector/MapSelector Parameters/__Standard Values

We just need to add the Id of Map root item for Path Analyzer, which present in master database.

/sitecore/system/Marketing Control Panel/Path Analyzer/Maps


pathanalyzer field.png

And that’s it.

Its works for us and problem resolve.

Thanks and cheers!