Sitecore 8.1 CMS-only mode and configration

Sitecore 8.1 CMS-only mode and configration

What if you don’t want Xdb services in your Sitecore instance?  Well Sitecore added a new feature in Experience Platform 8.1 is CMS-only mode. So in Sitecore.xDB.config configuration file you can disable Xdb.Enabled configuration setting.

Important – If you disable by set Xdb.Enabled to false any functionality which require data collection will not work and number of application will stop.

Let’s discuss how functionality will change in CMS-only mode. Sitecore has classified the functionally in three parts

  • Fully compatible
  • Compatible with limited functionality
  • Incompatible

Fully Compatible- So as name indicate(CMS-only mode) basic CMC functionality will not change as well as all the functionally which don’t required xDB dependencies will work as charm in CMS-only mode. We don’t need to worry about following things –

  • Experience Editor ( old still have on tongue Page Editor)
  • Content Editor
  • Device Detection
  • IP Geolocation

Limited Compatible – Some of feature in Sitecore provides limited functionality with CMS-only mode. In other words features will work but some functionalities which have dependencies on collection database will not work. An example is Personalization, where if rules are based on historical data then functionality will not work.

  • Campaign Creator – runs without analytics functionality
  • Personalization – in-session personalization works, while personalization based on historical data is unavailable

Not Compatible – Lots of feature in Sitecore depends on collection database, so with CMS only mode these feature will not work. Other than Sitecore features, all shared source modules which have dependencies on collection database will also not work in CMS-only mode. There are also some feature on which Sitecore is working to make them compatible or limited compatible in future.

  • Commerce Connect – currently incompatible, but Sitecore will run with limited functionality in the future
  • Web Forms For Marketers – Sitecore will provide a SQL solution in the future
  • Content testing
  • Email Experience Manager
  • Experience Analytics
  • Experience Explorer
  • Experience Profile
  • List Manager
  • Path Analyzer
  • Segmentation

So how to configure CMS-only mode, Well if you don’t have xDB key in your license, CMS mode will enable by default. But if you have xDB licenses but still want to enable CMS-only mode then you must change the configuration settings in the Sitecore.Xdb.conig file.

Let’s discuss the configuration setting of Sitecore.Xdb.conig –

Make false the value in Xdb.Enabled to make CMS-only mode, Default value is true.

<setting name="Xdb.Enabled" value="true" />

Redirect URL if CMS-only mode is enable

<setting name="XdbDisabledUrl" value="/sitecore/service/xdb/disabled.aspx"/>

Enable or disable the tracking functionality used on content authoring and content delivery servers.

<setting name="Xdb.Tracking.Enabled" value="true" />

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